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Web Master Tools: This page contains a collection of tools we have been using for years - to check out websites in our quest to make them - more user-friendly and Search engine spider-friendly.
If you have a site with dynamically generated pages, you will need to adopt special techniques to make the pages accessible to the search engine robots. If your pages contain some elements like - Flash menus, DHTML menus, Framed pages and Java menu systems, you will need to use one of the Web master tools from this page which tests the page for the total number of links accessible for spiders. Again, if you want to test the kind of redirection ( whether it is the recommended permanent redirection with a status code of 301) , the tool will indicate the status code the server returns.

Browser Information | Link Checker - Spidering Tool | Server Header Information

Browser Information

Your browser sends out some identification information to the server as part of the request. The information below is part of the request sent to the server by your browser.

Link Checker

You need to ensure that your carefully designed pages are "visible" to the Search engine spiders. This may seem elementary, but the truth is the majority of websites with flash, JavaScript /DHTML pages and some framed pages have posed real hurdles for the Search engine spiders. Use our little nifty tool here which mimics the front end of a Search engine in spidering your page for the links. This link checker will check for search engine spider accessible links from a single page URL. And it will show the total number of links 'available' from this page referenced to the base URL - making things easy to check for path anomalies.

Enter the URL of your page here: (e.g.: bestnetcraft.com/resource.html)
URL http://

Server Header information

It is sometimes useful to know what your server serves when a page is requested. This bit of information will consist of

  • Document Type - HTML or other types
  • File Size - in bytes
  • Last Modified Date - for dynamic web pages, this date and time will point to the present
  • Server details - Server software and version
Enter the URL of the page here: (e.g. : bestnetcraft.com/cgi_scripts.html)
URL http://

Server Status Code Checker: When a browser makes a request to the server, the server responds by sending out a status code as part of the header. The information about the server status code is essential if you setup server side redirection. Use this tool below to check the server status:
Enter the URL of your page here: (e.g.: bestnetcraft.com/resource.html)

URL http://

Domain Name Information

Find out if the domain name you seek is still available. Or search through the domain registrars' database to see who owns the website through this whois tool.

URL http://www.


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