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Online Test Engine - Features

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Online Test script from Bestnetcraft.com
  • This Online Test Engine fires a series of objective type questions and stores the markes scored in the server. It is simple to use and easy to setup. Besides it requires no additional Perl modules and uses the least system resources.
  • In the recent version, you have a presettable time limit to answer the question -about 90 seconds. At the end of this time limit, you will be taken to the next question without awarding any mark.
  • The questions need to be of the objective type and can have 4 or 2 options.
  • Along with the login script, this can form the basic screening test before you invite your likely candidates for an interview. Or Conduct an online test for education too. Just set your questions and answers in a sheet and you are ready for an online test.
  • It is essential that the user clicks at one option as otherwise the script will present the same question again.
  • It calculates the score and the total marks scored at any point of time will always be visible at the top.
  • If the user gets above 75 % marks, there will be an additional message to indicate the growing % of marks.
  • There is no time limit to this test.
  • In version 2 of this online test engine, you are presented with a predefined time limit for answering each question. If you have successfully completed this test you can move on to another test.
  • The exit button at the end of the page takes you out to a feedback page aborting the test. Please complete the form at the end of the test which will enable us to serve you better.

You need to prepare Questions/answers sheet as below:
0 |Pick the odd one out |SuSE|Red Hat |Slackware |Wine|Wrong |Wrong|Wrong|Correct|4 |5
1 |Command to show the list of a directory|dir|list|showall|ls|Wrong|Wrong|Wrong|Correct|4|5
2 |Command to check the disk usage|chkdsk|scandisk|df|du|Wrong|Wrong|Wrong|Correct|4|5
3 |To print system information,type|system|sysinfo|infosys|uname|Wrong|Wrong|Wrong|Correct|4|5

This sheet consists of the following:
  • Number of Question (starts at 0)
  • Question
  • Answer choice 1
  • Answer choice 2
  • Answer choice 3
  • Answer choice 4
  • Result (Wrong/Correct)for choice 1
  • Result (Wrong/Correct)for choice 2
  • Result (Wrong/Correct)for choice 3
  • Result (Wrong/Correct)for choice 4
  • How many choice (2 or 4) ?
  • Quiz/test number

All the elements should be separated by this "|" (pipe) symbol. Save this sheet as "test1" and invoke the quiz script like this:
Read this Perl scripts installation tips before you install any of the CGI/Perl scripts. Please send me a note where you have installed this script for my future reference. A link to the Bestnetcraft will be appreciated though not mandatory. We will add a script as described in the header of this script to prepare the question/answer sheet from a set of data in future. Please forward your comments and suggestions through this contact page.