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CGI / Perl Resources

CGI / Perl scripts offer an effective way to add functionality and make your pages dynamic. Good well-written scripts use reasonable server resources and can be installed in most of the servers. The following CGI scripts will whet your appetite for this rudimentary but powerful language of the Web - Perl.
We have been listed in some of the leading directories associated with Perl and other scripts. We proudly offer their links at the end of this page.

Online Test Engine Demo for online test engine  This script conducts an online test displaying a running score. Uses a flat text file for questions and answers. Same script can be invoked for all online tests with different parameters. Check out its features here.
Viral Promotion Tell-a-friend script: Let your visitors promote your site through this script.
Feedback This script lets your visitors inform their impressions,comments and queries to you without firing-up their email clients.
Feedback Sample HTML You need this HTML file to call the Feedback CGI script. You can modify the layout and colour scheme as per your design.
Form-debugging Use this nifty script to find out why your forms are not working as they should.
Tracking redirector Want to know about your visitors whilst redirecting them to a part of your site or elsewhere? This script ensures that with the minimum fuss.
Report Generator Check the results of the previous script in your browser. A simple authentication is included to ensure a little privacy.
Log With this script, track down your visitors' browser conditions. If you run a technology savvy site, this information can be crucial.
Perl as a Tool Tracking your visitors can be easy. Harness the power of Perl in these easy steps.
SlideShow This script is a toned down version of the Gallery application which puts out a dynamically generated webpage from a directory full of images and cooks up suitable accompanying text from a template/database. Originally conceived to display circuit diagrams and accompanying instructions for an Electronics parts manufacturer.
HelpDesk This is a commercial script. If you offer professional consultancy services from your site, this is an ideal application. Check out some of the powerful features from this Customer relations application page.
Readme All these scripts are written in Perl and should work with little trouble in your servers. For tips in installation and usage notes, refer to this README file.
Hot Scripts HotScripts.com is synonymous with hot scripts on all scripting languages under any platform. They mark the popularity with hot red chillies.
CGI Resource CGI Resourceindex.com is an almost exhaustive collection of scripts in Perl and also in other languages.
Perl Archive PerlArchive.com is the first place to look for quality Perl scripts written by Perl Gurus from the early days.
Free PerlCode Free Perl Code is another great place to search for free Perl scripts.
Scriptsearch Scriptsearch.com is a vast repository of scripts in most of the web related languages.
Cgifree Cgifree.de is a German language directory of free CGI scripts.
Perlmasters Perlmasters.com has a collection of Perl scripts written by the leading Perlmongers.
Ebookdirectory Ebookdirectory.com lets you download ebooks on various topics ranging from meta keywords to meta physics.
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