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  • English Test : This test is designed to test English language skills - Vocabulary, appropriate usage of words and proper sentence construction amongst others. Relevant for technical writers and content creators.
  • General Knowledge test : This is oriented towards western Europe and has questions from History, Geography and International politics amongst others.
  • Perl Test : Normal : This tests your Perl proficiency and assumes reasonable familiarity with Perl version 5.
  • Perl Test - RegExp: This test assumes you have reasonable skills with regular expressions.
  • Linux Test: This elementary test probes your level of knowledge in Linux Operating System. All questions are basic and anyone with familiarity with Linux in any distribution would score 80% with ease.
  • Database Administration Test: This database test has questions from a host of database software: MS SQL, Mysql and Oracle to name a few.
  • Mathematics Test: This test is about mathematics with a twist.
  • Search Engine Optimization Test: This SEO test assumes familiarity with various SEO techniques and basic methodologies.
  • Networking Test: This test is very basic in networking concepts.
  • Windows Test: This test assumes familiarity with Windows 95/NT and Windows 2000 OS.

All the above free online tests require approximately about 45 minutes per test to complete. The online tests require nothing more than a login to the online test engine. But remember that any attempt to backtrack will reduce the number of questions - resulting in a lower score.

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