Bestnetcraft - HelpDesk application

Need an Online HelpDesk to help,assist,enlighten,guide or hold the hands of your Customer/Visitor to render effective Customer relations management ? This online HelpDesk application written in optimized CGI scripts, will offer highly effective Customer service in realtime with little overhead in terms of resources.


  • Online Help Desk available always around the clock - 24 Hour /365 days
  • Help Desk is private and confidential - between you and your visitor
  • Option of leaving a message when your people are busy
  • Built-in protection to prevent an user from sending multiple messages at the same time
  • Facility to record the entire transcript for future reference
  • Facility to read the messages anytime by the HelpDesk personnel or the SuperUser
  • Simple and effective browser based User interface
  • Monitor the conversation unobtrusively under the Management mode
  • Visual /aural alarm to indicate the presence of a Visitor
  • Optimized CGI script to keep the use of server resources low
  • Driven by the server - Requires no extra plug-in modules for your visitor
  • Faster performance and instant response from your visitor's browser
  • Customization is possible in tune with the design of your Website
  • Filter out flame or foul language
  • Isn't it time you added this User-friendly functionality to your Online business at down-to-earth prices ? Manage Customers online - the easy way ! Solution to your Customer relations problems is only a click away.

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